Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video: After "Trek Nation," catch The Shat on USA's "Psych"

Well, with all the well-deserved hoopla for Rod's Trek Nation special tomorrow on SCIENCE Channel, here's one way to keep your very own "Star Trek night" going, in a way...

None other that James T. (et al) himself, William Shatner, becomes the latest celebrity guest on Season 6 of USA's delightful Psych. For "In for a Penny" at 10 PM ET/PT, later that same Wednesday night, he plays the estranged father of Juliet, the show's younger detective and sexual-tension target of faux-psychic Shawn (the television son of Corbin "Q2" Bernsen) ... with emphasis on "estranged." 

Hmmmm. The Shat playing a charming con man, disowned by his cop daughter? Gee whiz, never saw THAT coming... !

Here's a sneak peek at some uniquely Bill Billness:

And a full scene:

Check out more at Psych at the show's official site.

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