Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy holidays with ... Nixon and Star Trek??!!

Just in case you missed this stocking stuffer on Christmas Eve ... here ya go. No worries—it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Yes, it's a little wacky gift to Treklanders everywhere from some of the folks who bring you New Voyages/Phase II—that's sound masestro and jokester Ralph Miller, doing his infamous Nixon sendup full-bore, and Pony R. Horton as the agent, and behind camera as writer/director, plus the CGI and editing involved. Lots more cameos too of your P2 favorite faces ... including Kurt Carley, P2's onetime Chris Pike. And, once again, a "fan film" that's really full of professional work:

Pony tells me: "I am thrilled to have had a great deal of help from my friends Ralph Miller, James Cawley, Rob Mauro, Charles Root, Gwen Wilkins, Kurt Carley, Michael Stern, and John Carrigan in the making of this film, which is a short inspired by James Cawley's STAR TREK: PHASE II and Ralph Miller's hilarious Richard Nixon characterization.  I'm releasing it as a kind-of PHASE II stocking-stuffer, since we're in-between regular PHASE II releases right now."
Ralph has been pulling the wry video stuff and bloopers ever since New Voyagers began; Pony has handled CGI for recent full P2 episodes, and helped John Carrigan with those same CG skills to bring to life the "lost" 2005 vignette "No-Win Scenario."

And don't forget to watch the end credits' stills, too!

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William McCauley said...

That Was Hilarious and Very Well Done. Kudos to All involved! Thanks Larry for putting it on the Trekland Web Site!