Wednesday, January 4, 2012

STV: The Enterprise is coming up Roses!

Happy new year! Did you see the latest incarnation of your favorite starship on Monday, flying down the Rose Parade?

Thanks to Paramount's centennial float in the parade with 50+ million TV viewers, much of planet Sol III got to see once again the Big E in all its JJ-verse incarnation glory, atop a bevy of other studio icons.

It's a tradition that all Rose Parade floats are parked nearby for another full day after the parade so that locals and tourists alike can give them another once-over in a carnival-like atmosphere. In 17 years I'd never gone over to see, so what better time than now?

Kudos to Paramount's team for the design choices: between Bumblebee from Transformers, the Greased Lightning car from Grease, the iconic old Bronson Gate, and even the Hollywood sign, much less the Enterprise), this parked float a day later was even hotter than most for posed pics and camera hounds of all ages. Even though Paramount didn't win a formal prize trophy, I heard more than one passer-by mutter, "Oh—this was my favorite!" And then patinetly waitd for a spot to get their picture snapped.

So here's a little more sights, sounds and info for you guys living a tad too far from Pasadena to make the drive:

Thanks also to the kind mom who snapped my pic for posterity and sent me the best chat of the day my way, courtesy her son.  Her 3-three-year old was already thrilled to see the 20-foot Bumblebee:
HIM: "I have all the Bumblebee toys."
ME: "Cool. See the Enterprise? I have all the *Enterprise* toys."
HIM: (Eyeballs me a second) I want to come to YOUR house."

Note that this was not the first Enterprise to grace the Rose Parade: in 1992, Paramount had a giant solo 1701 all by itself (via crane) and honor Star Trek's 25th anniversary season—and only a couple months after Gene's death, too.

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