Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colbert knows his Trek protection! ... Or DOES he?

Kudos to Stephen Colbert for my birthday present last night: his hedge against the Wikipedia all-day blackout protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills (and check that out if you don't know. Scary stuff; get involved).

Yes, it seems Stephen keeps the entire Wikipedia printed out on hard copy, twice a month in toto, fo' jus' such occaysions.  Why, the chunk you see him holding below is just Volume 5470—the section of Wikipedia re: (only) "Star Trek, from 'Yeomen, Rand' through 'Yeomen, Smith. B.' "... (video below the fold):

Nice gag: he scales WikiP's size (all that for three TOS yeomen) AND tweaks Trekfans in the same breath. Weeell...that's why he gets the big cable bucks (and that's all, now that his SuperPAC is remotely controlled).

But just think—THIS wasn't even Memory-Alpha!

(And yes, only a Trek analist would point out that in actual aired canon, there WAS never a "Yeoman B. Smith."  So I won't. The second pilot's yeoman's name was only listed as "Smith," without an initial or first name.)

(But .... maybe that "B" was actually just denoting PART "B"... OF the Rand-Smith (inclusive) Volume 5470, and Stephen hasn't given us yet another canon screw-up to fix ...!? Oh, surely that's the reason. He'd hate to lose the South Carolina Trek canonista vote.)

Full embed here: The Trek bit starts at 0:55, but the whole segment catches you up on the SOPA/PIPA blackout:

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