Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trekland Podtime: Thanks to "The G&T Show" & UK's "Trek Mate"

Hey! While we catch a breath here, here's a chance to send you over to two more online examples of good ol'Trektalk podcasts that were nice enough to have me on this week: one up now, and the other up Sunday!  Both are great and deserve your support.

In fact, Terry Schull and Nick Minecci are so good that I was happy to get up at 7 a.m. Sunday morning to be LIVE for the chat room for their weekly G & T Show. It was an honor to be a chunk of Episode 29, and we told tales, kept each other awake, and somehow, talked about Chakotay and Voyager and TNG and Ron Moore's one month on Voyager and ... well, maybe we weren't THAT sleepy.

Still, next time I'll take them up on the offer to do the pre-record, and we'll take over the whole show! But I do love the instant feedback and comment. It is up NOW—you can get the whole-she-bang, led off by news and Dayton Ward's regular "Ask Dayton" bit, to play or download at their site, Complete with Twitter handles you can follow at home!

And then Wednesday I was happy to cross the virtual pond and talk to the UK's #1 home-grown Trek-only podcast, Wayne and Paul at Trek Mate. Their show is also in the forefront of trying to help bring back a real, traditional convention format event to the UK in an all-Trek vibe—and they are a hoot to hang with as well. I think I spilled a few too many beans from my own closet—but hey, it's been way too long since I got to talk to any UK fans. Hungry little bastards, they am! Sounds like we are going to have to go back finish their "list"—oh well, it's Wayne's world and we just live in it ...with his questions!

The link will be live on Sunday, they tell me—and while they've only been at it since November 2011, Trek Mate already holds 10 of the top 12 downloaded episodes on UK iTunes. It also airs at 10 am EST next Wednesday on, as well as anytime of course at their own play/download link,

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