Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'Weird Shit' in The Ready Room: Podcast is up!

Podcast month for me continues, apparently —I know, in this crazed month elsewhere, I have a backlog of blog topics besides me to get to!—but right now I have to tell you what Trekfm's  Christopher Jones and Greg Harbin are up to in their The Ready Room show:

TNG's "Schisms" and "Weird Shit" tales, circa the later TNG era, that's what. Hey, the term was right from exec producer Jeri Taylor—especially for the X-Files-like stories being turned out by newly minted staff writer Brannon Braga back in the day... like this one. At least, that was my contribution to the hour's discussion, along with "Group Clicking" and "Fish Monks."

Anyway, the fun and madness is now up here at their site. The first 57:15 is news'n'views, and then the "Schisms" start...

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