Saturday, March 3, 2012

A birthday "salute" to Jimmy Doohan

James "Scotty" Doohan would have been 92 today, already nearly seven years after his passing in 2005.

In honor of his birthday I'll not only share his widow Wende's tweet earlier today, from just after midnight ...

... but also these items she shared with us during our recent shoot for THE CON OF WRATH, since Wende was very much there for that infamous Houston weekend, along with their two  boys Eric and Thomas.

These are Jimmy's framed World War II medals, beginning with the D-Day landings among the Canadians who took Juno Beach, one of five from "the world's longest day"—and where Jimmy famously lost his right middle finger. And in this setting, they surround a photo of the handsome buck in uniform! Thanks again Wende, and thanks for sharing; I thought it would make a nice remembrance today.

We'll have a Trekland "Switching to Visual" chat with Wende up soon.

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MMcHardy said...

Wow, A Television Icon and a Hero. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Doohan , Wish I got to meet you before you had to leave us.

My deepest thanks, my most sincere appreciation for all you work, and for making the idea of Transparent Aluminum take hold as it has , and is now protecting Service Personnel around the world.