Saturday, March 3, 2012

My 2012 con season starts in THIS MONTH*

Whoa—it's a busy March for me, if you want to come out and have a good ol' con meetup. Maybe it's all West Coast right now, but we'll make our way around.

In just two weeks I'll be at  WonderCon, this year down in Anaheim (instead of SanFran)—with a coveted panel slot featuring my "Between the Cracks" show at 7 pm Saturday night in Room 210. Hope to have some new sneak peeks from "The Con of Wrath" and goodies from this year's Trek anniversaries, as well as the usual TREKLAND rarities and jollies.

Hey, you can even check in here for that slot, and warn me you're coming! No table for an HQ this weekend, so follow me on Twitter at @larrynemecek and we may post a Twek Tweetup.

Later this month, March 30-April 1—no foolin', can it be my third straight year to bring TREKLAND to Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con? We have some new plans afoot there, but most of all you can know that we're looking for all the Trekfan wide-awakes at Sunday noon in Room 4C1-2 for one of my forum panels, "Star Trek: The State of the Franchise"... "forum" meaning, we hear from YOU. So come with the hangover doused, the sleep out of your eyes, and awake enough to soak up what your fellow fans (and me, perhaps) have to say.

As always, the panel interactions are mass cool, but it's the table time where we can chat. And who knows? You might even find a goodie or too.

BEST OF ALL—if you are a far-flung Survivor of The Con of Wrath, I want to meet you! Yeah, you know who you are.

That's March, but it goes for all year—because looking down the line for the rest of 2012, so far—as is up at my website calendar—I know I'll be on hand with programming slots, hosting and/or table time ... maybe even some special events ... at several cons.

There are a couple more cons for me in the talking stage, but as usual the East is just naturally under-represented. If you have a line to any cons or shows in that time zone, tell 'em my e-door is always open... and the Between the Cracks sideshow can ramp up and even tailor topics for anyone, anywhere.

But for now, post-March we can have some real Trekland reunions and stuff at these fine fests:

APRIL 13-15
Lake Charles, LA

JUNE 15-17

SoonerCon 21
Oklahoma City, OK —my old-home homies!


BayouCon IV
Lake Charles, LA

JULY 12-15

Comic-Con Intl.
San Diego, CA

AUG. 4-15

Hollywood to Vegas: Trek Film Sites with Larry Nemecek
Geek Nation Tours
Los Angeles/Lone Pine, CA to Las Vegas, NV

AUG. 11-14

Creation Official Star Trek Con 
Las Vegas, NV

NOV. 23-25, 2012

Starbase Indy
Indianapolis, IN

Just stay tuned!

*Not counting Gallifrey One last month, which you totally SHOULD ...

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