Monday, March 12, 2012

More pods, new pods!: We're on Trek Mate & Priority One

Just so you know: With only 35 seats max, we want to let fans around the world know about the Hollywood-to-Vegas Trek Sites Tour coming up in August as soon as possible ....

Thus, the reason for covering the pod world so that no matter who your fave downloads are, we'll hopefully turn up at one of them: either me alone, or my "boss" Teras from Geek Nation Tours—or, heavens, both of us.

Of course, if you just can't wait to hear what hilarity tumbles out of my mouth next, this is also a good prod just to go listen outside the box as well: sampling some new podcasts is a great way to try out hosts or shows you might not already know. Everybody is trying to find their own niche on the pod spectrum, and power to 'em.

Thus, today you can give a listen (or download) to the very latest this past weekend from Wayne and Marc at UK-based Trek Mate again—after my rookie visit earlier this year, they wanted me back for the Tour, with Teras  ... and we still managed to squeeze in some geekery, as well as more details on the Hollywood Trek. And with breaking news, too! 

I also enjoyed my maiden voyage with Elijah and James, the Priority One podguys at Quantum Cafe, and once again we had a rollickin' time... it's up just today.  Yes, I did let them squeeze a couple of old stories out of me, too;  I mean, they're chestnuts to me, but for anybody new to this game I suppose that, yes, they might be fresh peanuts!  Either way, the guys were great to have us on and were very kind—and cool to run the Hollywood Trek Tour link on all their pages. (And even let me plug for fan-donor donations to THE CON OF WRATH once again!)

(You know, if just a thousand fans gave $20 each ... that would be a lot of donor screen credits.)

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