Sunday, March 11, 2012

STV: Finally, Niners: Part 4 of our Ira Steven Behr vidchat

A lot has happened since I first caught up last year with Ira Steven Behr—he of the TNG pivotal Season 3, and then showrunner the final five of his brilliant seven-year stint on DS9—and then ran three parts of our four-part video chat. For one thing, he's moved on from working on SyFy's Alphas, and for another he's confirmed to be a guest—after many years—for this year's Creation Vegas Khaaan in August!

Frankly, I'm shocked—shocked!—not to have been deluged with your demands for the promised but unfulfilled finale Part Four. Well, you can call off your non-existent email campaign, and just shut down the fax, okay?  Thankfully, in the final minutes we mainly wax poetic and/or nostalgic about DS9, so no ham, no fowl—it's just as pithy as it was a few months back and no worse for the delay. Here you go ... 

Anybody have any lingering questions for Ira for NEXT time? Comment below!

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