Saturday, March 31, 2012

See you at Emerald City—I actually MADE it!

I’m sorry to have missed the opening Friday fun, y’all. But we’ll make up for it today: please stay tuned for a surprise event tonight —follow us on @larrynemecek or come by the table for more….

And Sunday: see you at noon in our “Trekland” poll and forum “Star Trek: The State of The Franchise” featuring YOU... in Room 4C1-2.
So here's where I usually write the standard "hey, can't wait to see everybody and do all the fun panel/table event stuff" story for Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con that started Friday. Hard to believe it will be my third time in the house, this being their 10th anniversary...

Buf I almost didn’t  MAKE it.

See, a donor to The Con of Wrath has provided  us with stand-by miles, to help with the shoot and promotion, and here I was using them for the first time—with him holding my hand during my rookie plunge. I even started out at 6 a.m. Thursday just to anticipate  for “bumps’ and delays, and still leave a time cushion. But how was he or I to know this was apparently Spring Break Secret Ski Weekend? As one airline wag at Burbank put it, “I never saw so many ski poles go through here in one day!”

Seriously, all flights everywhere across the western U.S. on this major airline suddenly became overnight oversolds, with unsuccessful  stand-by riders piling up by the hour.  Since 6 a.m Thursday.

So, 6 a.m. Friday started out camped with DP Neil and his Jana in their San Diego home,  me hoping like mad that a few shining seats to Seattle from Houston  (of all places)  could be reached from San Diego, with no one in line before me —at least,  that was the picture at  5 p.m. Thursday.  Same-day tickets at this late stage, of course, would be astronomical. 

I was actually just an hour away from having to give up the trip, missing the chance to see all our friends in Seattle and hold up the honor of Trekland among the assembled genres and franchises.

Really… I was on the verge …

I think I’m in the clear now. As I write this I am finally inbound to Seattle after 30 hours of chasing an empty seat as far away as Chicago and Dulles/DC.  By another glimmer-of-hope story, we stumbled into a smaller airline ‘s decent prices, gave up and just bought  one—and what  a down-to-earth deal out of Long Beach, of all places. Thus my new slogan: “If it’s beyond your reach… try Long Beach.”

In all my con-going days, I’ve never had one like this trip—and the ever-tighter ratcheting of   frustration was not intended. I thank our donor now and always, as I do everyone whatever   they offer to help with.

All this to say that, once again:

I’m sorry to have missed the opening  Friday fun, y’all. But we’ll make  up for it today:  please stay tuned for a surprise event tonight—follow us on @larrynemecek or come by the table.for more….

And Sunday: see you at noon in our “Trekland” poll and forum “Star Trek: The State of The Franchise” featuring YOU .... in Room 4C1-2.

And our thanks to Jim D. and the whole ECCC staff for having us back again.

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