Wednesday, March 28, 2012's The Ready Room: Fun with TNG's "Sins of the Father"

There are lots of great Trek and sci-fi podcasts out there, with engaging and knowledgeable hosts, just pouring out their passion and love for the topic. (I should know, I've been hitting a lot of them.)

And if you are not listening to Chris and Greg's's podcasts, including The Ready Room, you are missing out. And here's the perfect reason to start: the guys were crazy enough to have me on TRR this week when the Very Serious Subject was  TNG's landmark "Sins of the Father." (Okay, maybe not THAT serious.)

Sure, you may have seen it, and even know it was an important Klingon episode. But can you count the ways?

There is sooooo much context wrapped up in this episode, and where it fell in Greater Trekland History on so many levels, that an hour barely contains it. Much less all the other tangents we work in.

Of course they offer news on the front end of the download, too—and, among several stories, Teras Cassidy and I make a brief appearance to talk about the latest on our "Hollywood to Vegas" Trek film sites trip from Teras' Geek Nation Tours.

But there's a good chunk here that is nothing but pure-dee-ol' Trek nuts and bolts. I hope you give it a listen, and stay with them for a lot of great guests.

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Barry Ingram said...

Oh, yeah. You know if my love for Klingons, and Kurn is one of my favorites (before he moved back to Earth and became a shower-ring salesman).

My favorite moment, however, is when Kurn bitch-slaps Wesley on the bridge. (This is out of character for me, because I'm a Wesley Crusher fanboy!)

Looking forward to seeing you at CyPhaCon!