Monday, April 9, 2012

TV TONIGHT: Frakes directs on "Make It or Break It" among other Trekland veterans

If you are a fan of ABC Family's young gymnast saga Make It Or Break It — or if you just caught our Trek alumni links on the show last month— be advised that none other than Jonathan "Number One" Frakes is at the helm TONIGHT (9 p.m. ET/PT) for the third episode of the season, "Time Is of the Essence."

Mike DeMeritt, longtime Star Trek 1st assistant director who works this series now (above at right, with Frakes and on-set gymnastic coordinator Tarah Paige), tipped me off last month about some in-jokes coming up in the new season. Here's one to watch for tonight: One character keeps being bothered by incoming cellphone calls and texts, so with the girls vying to be London-bound for the Olympics it was Mike who suggested using Big Ben clock tower chimes for the annoying ring tone.

Mike now sends these clips along from his "reunion" shoot with Frakes...

There's another Treklander afoot in the show reunion, too: perhaps best known as director of "Trials and Tribble-ations,"  DS9's director of photography Jonathan West has the same job for Make It Or Break It —as you can see here:

For true MIOBI fans, Mike also has this hint and prediction for tonight: "Huge story episode, where a lot of things suddenly change; an actor's episode, and it was great they had Frakes on it, for that is his forte —getting performances out of actors.  Will be a fan favorite for sure."

Meanwhile, "Number One" here gives Cassie Scerbo ("Lauren Tanner") last- minute directions before shooting....

And shares another directorial minute with Cassie and also Ayla Kell ("Payson Keeler") ...

...but in the end it's always just about holding down the hub of frenzied activity between takes with cast and crew alike.

 Don't forget: By the way, Mike's colorful book Poetry and Prose From The Director's Ass is still available on Amazon! Check it out.

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