Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CyPhaCon—Trekkin' Back to the Bayou for this Boy

Okay, I'm packin' bags this week and can't wait to get back to Cajun Country—this time for CyPhaCon II.

It's my third straight year in this fun-lovin' southwest Louisiana city—an hour or so east of Houston, a couple hours west of New Orleans—and the fans are as great as the food.

So listen up—special stuff, Contrabanders:

In a year where I'm experimenting with my con repertoire ...  besides tabling, talking and Treklanding I'll be hosting a Match Game-style game event Saturday for everybody, and you know with the locals it'll be a riot. Oh, and even interview and moderate other stage guests.

I'll also have another version of the still-evolving CON OF WRATH meetup and fundraiser I've done so far at WonderCon and Emerald City in Seattle. With more stops than usual for me on the con circuit this year, these events for my documentary are turning out to be a great way to meet more folks, hear what fans want to talk about and even mouth off more than I can in "public" venues. And who knows, this close to Houston—will we have some "survivors" from '82?

That means we'll be having our $10-a-head fundraiser Saturday night with prize trivia, raffle,  and me telling tales too much at the con hotel, the Springhill Suites by Marriott Lake Charles, after the costume contest ends around 9 p.m. If we can, we'll also have rare videos, "Con of Wrath" raw footage. It's all about the doc, folks—and thanks in advance.

I have a Facebook event page if you are headed to CyPhaCon and want to join in.

But most of all, if you hail from that swath drained by that East Texas/west and coastal Louisiana region and call yourself a Fan of Genre ... anime, gaming,.,, Trek, SWars, Firefly and other media and lit sci-fi ...then just get yer butt over to booming CyPhaCon II at the Lake Charles Civic Center and prepare for the nightlife at the Marriott. I'll see y'all there ...

...after I FINALLY get to grab a shake from Winkydoo's in Sulphur.

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