Friday, April 13, 2012

Global Trek thoughts? It's just us and the world on this week's Trek News & Views podcast

With an Okie, a Brit, and a Canadian transplant in the Netherlands, it was bound to happen: my guest turn on this week's edition of the Trek News and Views podcast took a decidedly global take on Star Trek—both the fandom and the biz of it all.

It's up now, thanks to host Colin at @Treknewsviews and guest co-host Xander (who still showed up despite having us on his Tribbles in Ecstacy show a few weeks back).

I mean, I kept trying to keep it snarky and light—but danged if we didn't keep going there. Fans in Uganda? A zillion other countries? Who knew? In that vein I also gave a shout-out to our old Communicator reader and correspondent Veljko, who later turned up in Trekkies II helping to organize his war-torn nation's humble but very first Trek convention—and speaking from the heart what Gene Roddenberry's vision meant to him and his compatriots while their city was being bombed. So much for our hyperflaming over hem widths and starship numbers and quantum vortexi.

Of course it was a natural to mention our Hollywood/Vegas Trek film tour with Geek Nation Tours and the international pull there, but we went far beyond all that.  You just have to take a listen —and enjoy once again the Brit accent "culture thing," if your Yankee ear appreciates that. I also take home the prize as "the talkiest pod guest we love to listen to" ... I think.

Colin has been at it since only last October, but there's a great body of 'casts already on the site, many episode-focused reviews. He's obviously taken on more global issues this week. ;-)

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