Monday, May 21, 2012

Bye Bye Robot adds new artist, high-flyin' new retro art

A while back we told you about the smashing style of new stylized Star Trek high-end fine art posters offered by our artist friend Charity Wood and her new officially licensed company Bye Bye Robot—and while we were on vacation she broke out with exclusive offerings from an additional artist and his own cool retro style.

No need to elaborate—the "Enterprise Shuttle Service" poster by Steve Thomas says it all. If you are a TOS fan at all, though, you will not only get that obvious Class F model, but also the Cestus III and nearby landmark reference on the poster (where, coincidentally, where my head has been lately).

Take a gander here at Steve's fun design (which also comes as vinyl stickers) and its modest pricetag—and all the details at Bye Bye Robot:

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