Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Come party and fund-raise with us at Phoenix Comicon!

Well, THIS is exciting!

—Like almost every other convention this year, Phoenix Comicon is exploding...
—I've never been before...
—And both facts come to a head this long Memorial Day weekend in downtown Phoenix!

So who is "PHXCC"-bound?

I've even got one event that's so fresh it won't be on the schedule or mobile app you can download—and click "conquest" on your fave events and panels to help schedule the day.

But yep—I'm SO excited to get the word last week that I'll be moderating the TNG Cast Reunion stage show at 1:30 p.m. Sunday in Ballroom 120—although there's nothing "moderate" when Brent, Michael, Marina, Wil and LeVar are let loose on the same stage! Come see if I survive ...

PLUS  TJ  and my various best new buds at PHXCC have helped us to set up our biggest, bestest fundraiser/meetup ever for THE CON OF WRATHand it DID get in the schedule this week. If you can make it, "conquest" THAT to your list , would you?

Well, the two meets-ups in Seattle were a hoot (at right). I mean, you can spend 9-11 p.m. Saturday with us in ROOM 128AB, right? We'll be in laid-back format as best we can without pit groups--no "panel dais," at least—I promise you. For 20 bucks as your ticket and donation—for which you get screen credit, as would any donor, and the gift package—we'll also do prize trivia, rare Trek videos, sneak peeks from "The Con of Wrath," and most of all—the chance to get me to say stuff and tell tales I'd never say in public. Most of all, you get to help preserve another bit of our wacky and wonderful Trek history—the original full-cast "rock concert" Trek event that became infamous. (And of course, you're welcome to make your gift more, if you please and thank you.)

Here's the rest of my "public time"—amid sooo many good choices for panels:

—6-7 p.m. Friday, Rm. 128AB: "The State of Trek" franchise discussion with YOU, me and fellow fans about the past, present, future of Trek—and hopefully in a new light.

—3-4 p.m. Sat., Rm. 129A: "Trekland: Between the Cracks"—another edition of Uncle Larry's groovy and goofy Trek slide show.

—And of course, Table 1152 in the big room ...  promoting Trekland, fund-raising for the CON OF WRTAH, and cleaning out more of my garage with stuff like rare studio scripts and other Trekland goodies you don't see very often. I won't be chained to the table, but we'll be talking Trek with whoever stops by.

Seriously--better follow me on Twitter or FB at LN's Trekland and stay up on any and all updates for "#PHXCC".

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