Monday, May 7, 2012

Help Suzie Plakson out with her Kickstarter "fairy tale"

UPDATE, 5/10/12: Thanks to all y'all, Suzie blew through her goal: the count cleared $9,000-plus on Kickstarter, over 20% over goal, and officially funded yesterday. She sends a "massive, bone-crushing hug of ecstatic thanks" to the 78 who helped to fund--and you can read full remarks at the link below.


Okay, gang—Listen up: Four days to go for Suzie!

That's Suzie Plakson, of course—whom you Treklanders know as K'Ehleyr and Mrs. Q and Tarah and even the said-more-than-seen Dr. Selar ...

Now help her out with this very modest original project —The Return of King Lillian (Yep, you read right— I mean, this is Suzie behind this gogeous book and audio project):

"This mythic tale is a newfangled narrative with an old-fashioned feel.  An allegorical story for non-conformists of all ages."

And what's more, as of today they only need about $1200 more to reach the $7500 goal— by THURSDAY,  May 10. If you know Kickstarter, you know the entire amount of a project has t be raised before funds are released--so kick in your $5 or $10 or more to help get the goal.

The page link is here .... complete with lots more info and her whimsical intro/welcome video.

Suzie also has a new official SP website up as well—she's an actress, so she can sure take the hits. And even Likes, on Facebook—where you can also see a great letter and K'Ehleyr story  from former Paramount exec Constance Kaplan....

So many Kickstarter projects from Treklanders these days ... stay tuned ... !

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