Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pods and news and secrets—what a day

Wow, this is an insane day prior to travel... but had to share about what you can download TODAY: A great show with some deep places ... really! .... as I got to be a part of's "The Ready Room" podcast this week— for their Episode Number 47, naturally!  (And yes, we did review "47" for the newbies."

Totally unrelated, but in breaking secret news I have to sit on something that will surely make news when I can say! At least, among the hard-core canonistas ... and perhaps even my author friends.  More on that in a few months, when I can ...

But back to today and your download click-finger:

Now that fandom and the biz have awokened from the drunk of how the Star Trek 2009 dynamic would play out,  Trek's current and future form wound up as our topic —and former Treklanders Doug Mirabelo, onetime emergency Andorian, PA,  and Rick Berman's last assistant at Parmaount, and industry vet Jose Munoz, also a former PA at Star Trek back in the day, joined me from their Zero Room geek-media podcast (and their great Star Trek animated pitch with Dave Rossi) for this show. Hosts Chris and Greg gamely tried to herd the cats. I had not talked to Doug nor Jose in years, so it was doubly fun. And heaven forbid any of us had strong opinions to spout.

And I even use some colorful metaphors. Yes, really.

A shout-out to Chris and Greg for including in the news roundup that it's the final weeks of open registration for our "Hollywood to Vegas" Trek filming site tour that I'll be hosting for Geek Nation Tours in August, pre-Vegas Khhaaann. Please give Teras an email for info so he can call you and see how to make it work best.

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