Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fan girl fashion hits Trekland, and look who's involved!

You may have seen everywhere today the entry of Her Universe, the two-year-old femfan fashion brainchild of Star Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein, into the Star TREK universe today with an intro line of tops.  What you may not know is the familiar Treklander who's been advising her young company all along...

None other than my good buddy and longtime boss/colleague, Dan Madsen, founder and late head of both the Star Wars and former Star Trek official fan clubs—whose Communicator magazine I manage-edited for eight years.

Thanks to Dan (with me on a recent visit, below), I've had a front-row seat as Ashley founded and expanded her company from her Star Wars origins to recent forays into licenses for both Trek and also Doctor Who, announced last week.

"I started working with Ashley from the very beginning of Her Universe and it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had,' Dan tells me. "She is truly a fangirl and loves all things sci-fi. From the very beginning, we always hoped we would get the license to do Star Trek apparel for women, so it was quite exciting when it happened. It also has been one of the most requested licenses we have had."

"It is great to be back in the Star Trek universe and talking Trek again!"

As I told Dan and Ashley in 2010—and as they well knew already—this is a perfect way to reach and serve the long-ignored "geek girl" revolution that has been sweeping fandom and the convention scene in just the past few years. In Trekland especially, many would say it's been there all along--just ignored the early days of feminine power driving early Trek fandom in the '60s and 70s. (In fact, that "T" at top carries the first big Trek fan slogan OF those early-era female fans—as first burst into the mainstream in TV Guide's 3/25/72 story "Grokking Mr. Spock," about the first-ever Trek convention).

CBS Consumer Products licensing has even allowed a special logo just for Trek products of a female nature, exclusive to Her Universe (at left).

Other obvious and not-so-obvious designs in the initial line are below—including the all-important subtle "Made you look!" polo with a simple and cryptic "LLAP" chest logo:

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