Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kajun Klingons and me: Join us for BayouCon weekend!

Bumpy head or no—if you are anywhere from Houston to Nawlins and up to DFW or Shreveport this weekend ... consider heading down to Lake Charles and joining me for a scifi/gaming/anime weekend at BayouCon IV.

Or US, I should say— Bob O'Reilly and J.G. Hertzler will be in human guise and also made up as Gowron and Martok for grins and photo ops, courtesy of their makeup artist John Paladin. AND assistant director Mike DeMerritt will have some very cool insider talks and images on working the modern TV Treks...and some rare goodies at his table, too.

Of course, as per our convention stops this year, we appreciate any BC-goers to keep the human Trek history alive and head over for the BayouCon edition of our Meetup Fundraiser for THE CON OF WRATH —this one at 8:30-11 p.m. or so in the Film Festival room.  For your donation of $20 or more, you not only get the regular donor pack and screen credit but a shot at trivia prizes, some rare Trek videos and sneak peaks from the doc and outtakes, too.

Of course, we will be leading more fan trend talks, sharing archives in our latest Trekland: Between the Cracks show, and joining a couple other multi-bodied panels as well. Lots of regional authors and artists are on hand, too.

BayouCon IV is the second con this year in bustiling Lake Charles that's been kind enough to have me over, and is another fan-run effort—this one benefits the Southwest Louisiana Science Education Foundation.

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