Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm so behind on guesting! These ARE the podcasts you want ...

So many hosts have been keen to hear about The Con of Wrath ... or our Hollywood-to-Vegas film site trek with Geek Nation Tours, which closes guaranteed booking June 15 (but can likely still keep taking Trek tourists after that) ... or just jaw with me about various topics of pure-dee-ol' Trek awesomeness lately ...

...and I have been negligent to let you know about them.  So, as long as it does not slow you down from getting to SoonerCon 21 this weekend ... then download away! Per each one...

—Amid another ear-worthy funkfest with Nick Minecci and the great Terry Schull on The G & T Show ... Teras Cassidy and I pop in for Trek Tour talk, after Terry asks me about Con of Wrath, too  (though the whole show is, of course, worth a whole listen!)

—If it's VISUALS you want, Darren Maloney of the new Trekseak video podcast (yes, video)  in Limerick, Ireland —yes, Ireland—caught me while passing through his town—and amid other things he corners me for an opinion on all things hometown Irish in Trek: take a look!

—And then host Carl Stark has me on his Stolen Droids brand in the first of his new "Presents" format ... and I guess he had a good time talking Trek TV, films, industry dynamics: you decide!

—Then, back in the UK, a gobsmacked Wayne Emery, Marc Stamper and Paul Drinkwater conned me into making the virtual trip cross-pond for their TrekMate show, where this time we go down whatever path those crazy Brits care to veer into.
And finally, if you want to hear how a GERMAN Trek podcast sounds, then give a listen to Trekcast Germany—not to be confused with the recently resurrected US version, as this one hosted by Yann-Patrick Schlame and Malte Kirchner had me on as their first international guest, woo-hoo! And of course we all spoke solely in Mandarin, to commemorate.  NOT.

The Trek Tour comes in for special focus, but we also talked about an American's perspective on FedCon, the old Galileo-7 cons, and other bits of German fandom. Thanks for having me on, der herren!

So it really is a wide array of the best of fan pods that blitzed me in later May and June. 'Twas an honor to be invited on in each and every case (well, all except for Nick & Terry), and each has a distinct personality, angle or insight to share. I hope you give them all a try, and forgive me if I duplicate a story here or there across the different time zones.

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