Monday, June 18, 2012

There's no place like "home": Thanks, SoonerCon!

Just one corner of SoonerCon 21's fan/pro interaction
 What a great time we just had at SoonerCon 21,  and what a supportive one, too.

Of course you know that's what "going home" means—but even so I made it a goal this year to get to know a lot of younger creatives in OKC in indie film, steampunk, new media art, various guilds/crafts, etc.—and not just our beloved pre-1994-move-west buds. I got about 1/4 of the way toward that goal....and we'll make more progress in 2013, if not sooner. And a lot of that new "bubbly" is reflecting the bustle and boom that is currently in Oklahoma, unrelated but reminiscent of the NBA Thunder's own bootstrap success wave.

SoonerCon is not a heavy Trek con, of course, but out of its litcon roots+media restart it's even well beyond the comic-con format. Just sad that we did not get to meet more folks, but that will come. I realzized, even for your peeps, that I had to invent a whole new way to "do" SoonerCon for myself—one which got me out of the comfort of oldtimers' chatter and more out and about the fresh blood. 

Another "Con of Wrath"  /fundraiser, Home Edition
Big thanks to Jerry, Angela, Leonard, Aislynn, Bryan, Nicco, Vickie, Noddy, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for such a great welcome and great weekend.

They and everyone else were very supportive of my projects, including THE CON OF WRATH, and also that of cameraman (and native Okie/OU grad) Neal's gear replacement effort—including donations for his raffle. 

Now I just have to shed the Fried Food Five and I'm good to go!

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