Tuesday, September 11, 2012

STV: LOOK—video of that Enterprise-D bridge project!

I'm just going to let the video and my guest speak for themselves (below the fold).

Unless somehow the past couple weeks you've been under a rock and missed all the online pop culture news and blog stories and podcasts—and some misconceptions—and you still need a set-up for "that fan who saved the Enterprise bridge set when it was about to rot."

Yes, video. Whether you're either curious or cyncial, well, TREKLAND's STV camera is here to prove that there is a collection of Bridge pieces... no, not a filming set, but an amalgam of surplus pieces from the Star Trek Experience and Europe's 1999-era World Tour replicas—and so yes, both were licensed projects under the design and production eye of Trek TV/film production designer Herman Zimmerman and the Paramount team.

And yes, this thing really is sitting right in the San Fernando Valley in the home (and yard) of one Huston Huddleston—a screenwriter and songwriter and most of all fan/collector ... who, at the time we shot this before the national news storm leaked his name, had originally asked to be in cognito so as to avoid local pranksters.

He and his growing volunteer team now have a website at newstarship.com and an IndieGoGo fund page for the restoration—with a sweet video, several cool rewards for donors, a support store full of unique, custom-designed and tax-deductible goodies.... All with the aim of a non-profit foundation overseeing a rental center for parties, weddings, film projects ... even educational uses for schools and students.

Not to mention, meantime, the hope of a fundraising tour of the captain's chair (due to be finished by October) and other pieces at conventions around the country.

In an era left with a void for such popular uses after the closure of the original ST Experience in Las Vegas, it seems the demand is there—and people are clamoring for a replacement.

Enjoy this initial visit with my friend "Dallas" ...and send some IndieGoGo donation love their way if you can spare it. This is an exciting prospect, and one with a growing, capable brain trust behind it. There's a Facebook and Twitter space as well, of course, to keep up with the whole thing.

And we'll be back shortly with more footage of our visit to the bridge pieces from this "early" visit ...

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