Monday, October 8, 2012

The 'sexiest WOMAN alive'... is a Trekkie. No poser.

This... is the world we live in. The kids have grown up, and they were soaked in media, even more than before.

At least the good kind, thank goodness.

In case you missed the Esquire PR splash Friday, Mila Kunis just became the ultimate poster child for the Geek Girl Revolution, perhaps.

Because, as we noted last year (in case it got past you), she also told GQ last year:

Mila Kunis:  ...Let me give you my rundown of the series in order of most favorite to least favorite. ... Okay. You should know this list is an ongoing argument between Seth MacFarlane and myself. But I have it: The Next Generation; the original series; then Voyager ... then I have Deep Space Nine. Then last is Enterprise. ...

Not that all geek girls have to be Esquire-hawt... but that you can even utter the phrase "I'm a Trekkie" (as she has) and then grace such a cover? That's a revelation.

And, yes, the pushback to  geekgirlness as a movement brings on the cry of "POSER!"  by their disbelieving fellow gender, at times. This girl, anyway, is the real deal.

It's a package deal that, whatever your package, continues to amaze me. Not that it exists—women ran First Generation Trek fandom, recall—but that the modern PR machine is up with that.

I dunno—maybe it's just reflecting culture, and all that stuff.

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