Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This was fun: I'm a TIE lover, not a TIE fighter

I can't believe we just spent a rollickin' two hours on "Tribbles in Ecstasy," but we did.

It felt more like the old-fashioned "Meet the Press," when the line of journalists would offer a poser apiece to the guest in question. I THINK I got to the core of each one, but who was counting? No one ever cut my mic, Senator.

And you could have known it if they did, cuz we were live over last Friday. But now the show is up for all you podders at the TIE area of

Thanks to Don Burrito, Xander, and all the other fine TIE folks who really have real names as well, for having me on. I think we covered just about everything they threw at me, including the TREK.... OF THE FUUUUUUTURE!. Plus they were nice enough to let me plug "Trekland: On Speaker", Hollywood2Vegas tour and of course "The Con of Wrath."

Enjoy your audio experience! And I'll be back to TREKLANDING real soon.

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