Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shields up! A better "invisibility cloak" unveiled

More treknology, folks:

I don't know what's more amazing—that science has already made more major strides in this area, or that the lead paragraph uses Harry Potter instead of Romulans:

'Perfect' Invisibility Cloak Uses Metamaterials To Bend Light
The days when invisibility cloaks were confined to the world of "Harry Potter" may soon be over. Physicists at Duke University announced Monday that they had successfully cloaked an object with "perfect" invisibility. ...

...So how did they keep these reflections out of the new design?

"Landy's new microwave cloak is naturally divided into four quadrants, each of which have voids or blind spots at their intersections and corners with each other," explains io9. "Thus, to avoid the reflectivity problem, Landy was able to correct for it by shifting each strip so that is met its mirror image at each interface."

Ah. Well, at least we got a Clue about the quadrants in there: "Secret passage to Gamma Quadrant: one wormhole move."

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