Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Light bulbs, Romulan transference: download this pod!

I've been a guest on many great Trek and sci-fi podcasts the last couple years or so, and trekfm's The Ready Room is one of them.  Including brand-new Ep. 73 just up this week, about all things Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

I know, I know—28-year-old movie. Yada yada yada.

I don't say that just because host Chris Jones helped me produce my first interview-archives CD ... or because Greg Harbin made it to my first Seattle CON OF WRATH fundraiser.  Or even because they sat mum as I called them Mike & Bryan by mistake for a while. (Or because Charlynn Schmiedt was civil to me despite my all-in-the-family loving cracks about Voyager.)

No, it's not often that insights melt your brain while in the midst of recording or broadcasting... but that's exactly what happened amidst this show. I guess that speaks to the power and longevity of Star Trek... or something. Anyway, give a listen and see if you can see when I had my Joe E. "Romulan" Ross moment.*

At least enjoy that title: "Hot Vulcan Finger Action." Boy, that Chris... he knows how to market.

*Actor who's most famous for saying his trademark insistent "Oooooo! Oooooo!" in all his roles. Which, had he been living, might have included a Star Trek spinoff: "Pod 74, Where Are You?"

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