Thursday, November 29, 2012

STV: Unwrapping! The 150 Years of FEDERATION (spoilers)

This box showed up on my porch a while back ... so let me show you what happened next.

To be truthful, I kinda had an idea... but it was still exciting to do this. Especially since the guy involved is a good guy.  And we'll be back with more of David Goodman, direct from Hollywood, to talk about it on camera prior to the Tuesday, Dec. 4 release date.

As you'll see, it's totally new and unseen. This book and I had never met each other before this show:

(WARNING!: This should have been in two parts, but I wanted to get it all to you now. So "Part 2" the second half  is full of SPOILERS, oh my!  And some unexpected surprises even beyond that ...


Matthew Rushing said...

I really want a copy of this! Especially to review for

Dimitris said...

Cool! :)