Thursday, March 28, 2013

LA ALERT: Whoa, WonderCon: Meetup & Trek co-panels in Anaheim

Annnnd this insane month of March—from Seattle to Orlando to our Con of Wrath shoot in OK/NorTex that has depleted my postings!—comes to a close "back home" THIS weekend in Anaheim with WonderConvia not one but three panels, plus a meet-up for the doc, of course! And you're all invited.

WonderCon, sprawling San Diego Comic-Con's little brother, is again back in Anaheim while its normal digs at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco are being renovated. As a comic-ccn it covers comics, authros and anime plus games and all things sci-fi/fantasy/horror genre—but Trek increasingly plays a bigger part, you TLers. But by not being quite the behemoth of SDCC, it's not so sold-out and intimidating—and there still are Friday and Sunday one-day passes, all at the Anaheim Convention Center just south of Disneyland.

My buddy and increasingly famous Bridge Saver Huston Huddleston has graciously offered me space in his restoration Enterprise-D bridge chair area, sure to be a high-traffic hit with all the photo posers. So, between panels on Friday and Saturday, we'll have Trekland: On Speaker CDs and fundraiser Klingon PADDs and info all about all stuff Trek Tour and Star Trek Continues for all the SoCal folk who never get where I'm at ...

PLUS I hope you can catch me at any of these panels (or support those linked)—if you use THESE links, you can "signal" you are intend to attend, and join the crowd...

FRIDAY: 1:30 p.m., Room 213

At 1:30 the psychology/fan duo of Dr. Andrea Letamendi (UCLA) and Dr. Ali Mattu (NYU) have slated "The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars," and I'm on to represent guess-what, along with writer Hugh Sterbakov (Robot Chicken, City Under the Moon). Surely we can all call "IDIC" and just get along, right? Brian Ward of Shout! Factory is along to moderate, to boot. "Join" us early on Facebook?

BONUS FRIDAY PICK! 2:30 p.m., Room 300DE

PLUS, right after that, stay in Trekland for a bonus and head over with me to Room 300DE to experience "Star Trek: Into High Definition" about all the amazing Blu-Ray remastering projects with Brannon Braga, Mike and Denise Okuda, producer Roger Lay and director Robert Meyer Burnett. Enterprise S! is out, with TNG S3 not far behind ...

FRIDAY: 6:30pm, Room 208

Later on, also be on the panel of folks with dreamer Huston and his co-hort Brian Uiga as they update fans on the non-profit "New Starship" Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Restoration and Sci-Fi Museum that has taken fandom and potential marketers by storm since we first helped break the news and vet the source and then had our follow-up.

I actually have to bow out midway through this one so as to conduct a long-delayed interview for THE CON OF WRATH on-site (yes, work!), but after being at Huston's chair/table area all day it won't be a loss.

SATURDAY: 7 p.m., Room 210BCD

After a day of seeing everybody on the floor, we'll close off the panels at 7 p.m. with our annual "Between the Cracks" Trekland show for 2013—with even an angle on that JJ thing right around the corner, plus some looks back at TNG and DS9 and ahead at our Star Trek Continues world premiere May 24 in Phoenix Comicon!

And finally ... for your after-panels, after-buying pleasure while stuck in "strip mall town"...

SATURDAY, 9 p.m., Room TBA adjacent

Somewhere along Friday we'll announce the adjacent site (a fun place with spirits, hopefully) of our first CON OF WRATH Meetup-Fundraiser for Anaheim, running Saturday 9-11 p.m. in the usual format of fun, prize trivia and rare Trek videos and doc sneak peeks that we've done the past year at my live events... like Seattle ... San Diego (right)... Vegas... and many more. If you plan to pop in your $20 and make the party, you could even "Join" the meetup Event page on Facebook, just to give me an idea ...

BONUS SUNDAY PICK: I won't be on-site Sunday, but the usual uspects are back at it with an ALIEN ARMAGEDDON debate panel 3-5 p.m. akin to the infamous Starship Smackdown at SDCC, at 3-5 SUNDAY. Treklanders will especially know Robert Burnett again and Daren Dochterman, Jeff Bond and moderator Mark A. Altman among the herd.

Now, if I ever get caught up with March—I'll tally up how Seattle and Orlando meetups have been, and thank all the folks who turned out and helped there.

From here, though, we thankfully take a breather— and I'll next see you out on the con trail over in El Paso April 26-28!

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