Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Bend fans: Meet us at Sun City SciFi in El Paso!

Hey, all you fan-folks  through the Rio Grande region of West Texas and southern New Mexico—

Let me remind you about a new sci-fi con in El Paso next weekend—where I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new fan-buds myself ... and playing Mad Science to boot, for the first time since 2003!

Well, maybe more Fun than Mad... because Sun City SciFi is the latest start-up convention in El Paso—the birthplace of Gene Roddenberry— and has been nice enough to have me back out. Marina, Tony Amendola, Robin Cruz,  and a host of comics, anime and other sci-fi guests are there too ...

I'll be in El Paso a day early for Thursday, the night of the nationwide TNG "Best of Both Worlds" High-Def Movie Night from CBS and Fathom Events, so come out and we'll see the show together, after a con PRE-preview at 5 p.m. at the theater.

The entire convention is at the El Paso Airport Marriott, so fans and events are all on one site for maximum fan logistical awesomeness ... and the hotel lounge has been good enough to host our next version of the "Con of Wrath" meetup/fundraiser party.

... Plus, with the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium in his birthplace town, we will stage a return of a "Trek Stars/Real Stars" astro-smackdown on Sunday!

So here's my scoop:


—TNG MOVIE NIGHT: 5 p.m. Meet/greet Trekland table, convention giveaways...7 p.m. "Best of Both Worlds" movie: Tinseltown Cinemark, 11855 Gateway West, 79936


—PREVIEW NIGHT, 6-9 p.m., Exhibitor Room: A laid-back night for weekend passholders to come by and check out all that is TREKLAND and "The Con of Wrath."


—TREKLAND'S "BETWEEEN THE CRACKS" SHOW, 12 noon, Main Stage:  Our trademark "slideshow" of Trek in-jokes, news, behind the scenes...from all 47 years of Trek. Plus our traditional audience poll start-up: do you know you own Trek profile?

—WAK-A-BLOOPER: 5 p.m., Main Stage: Can you get your snark on? Here's a new one—be in the crowd and help decide the best shout-out caption for some very offbeat Trek clips across all the series. And yes, for prizes ....courtesy Sun City Scifi!

—CON OF WRATH Meetup, El Paso Edition!: 9-11 p.m., right in the Marriott lounge: our patented BONUS off-grid road show of prize trivia, rare Trek video, and exclusive raw celeb clips from our own doc about this infamous event from heroic Trek pop culture meltdown history!


—TREK STARS/ REAL STARS, 12 noon, Main Stage: With co-guest Cory Stone, director of the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium, in which we lovingly "debate" just how many of Star Trek's real-life star homes really do work out for harboring native life—blue, furry, or otherwise. No really—we have a list and everything. The same panel I've only done twice before: at NASA's Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, AL in 2003 and at Muenster Planetarium in Germany in 1998!

 —RAPID-FIRE TREK TRIVIA, 1:30 p.m., Game Room: Better not be late! This is a half-hour of unfancy Q/As, just you (and the rest of the crowd) and me for a cool prize. If you've ever seen me do this at the Vegas Khaaann!, this is how we roll! With prizes courtesy of Sun City SCifi!

And the rest of the time... come visit at my table where I'll have the latest in Trekland goodies and gossip.

Just another week from now—I hope the Borderlands do us proud. I'll be sending EP's own pics for Thursday's TNG movie night from our trivia ticket winners and everyone else in for our Trekland photo roundup the next day, too!

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