Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our winners and pics! TNG's movie night is Thursday

So, here they are!

For the second time, I'm excited to be able to partner with Fathom Events, CBS and Allied-THA marketing to get 10 winning fans to the next TNG Blu-ray movie event night this Thursday, April 25. It's all to mark another remastered TNG season set release in Blu-ray, of course—this time, a special re-edited "movie" version of "The Best of Both Worlds" —and that solo disc plus the regular S3 set are coming April 30.

After our first group of winners last fall, I went with an all-new group of cities—except for Boston, where I wanted to bring a little smile to the fandom end of that hard-pressed area liast week. Our other cities for the free pair of passes this round were Phoenix, Kansas City, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

All of them promise to send along pics and a note from Thursday night—as I hope all y'all will do, so we have a great round-up of costumes and crowds at Trekland as we've done in the past.

So congrats to our Treklanders who knew the answer "Admiral Hansen," with actor George Murdock having played Galactica's Dr. Salik on the original BSG, and then were lucky enough to get drawn out of the pile (with help from another TNG vet, at left)

Nathaniel Bennett, Boston 
     Roger H. Scritchfield, Cleveland
          Travis Pflanz, Kansas City
               Loretta Painter,  Philadelphia
                     and David Williams, Phoenix.

Thank you winners, and everyone who pitched in from those five markets, for taking part.

It's a festive week as the TNG event kicks off with the overwhelming favorite TNG episode seen in an all-new refined light ...  and the ramp-up for Star Trek Into Darkness bombards us with trailers, leaks, and sneekpeaks daily until its US debut May 17 ... while going up down-under already.

So send us your group shots and even the movie house, if things get Fleet Festive where you are—feel free to send us a note too—to larry@larrynemecek.com, and we'll run them as we did for S1 and S2. That goes for you too, Canada!

And if you need a reason to think about getting the new season ...

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