Thursday, May 9, 2013

LA ALERT: Armin's LOL in mockumentary teaser for play

As you wait for your Into Darkness tickets, SoCal, check out this offbeat trailer for a new production of Arthur Miller's classic "The Crucible," co-starring our own Armin "Quark" Shimerman. The promo trailer, that is—not the play, which he co-directs.

Miller's timeless statement about literal witchhunts has nothing to do with DS9, Buffy... or Mad Men (watch it), or even The Office ...  but Armin and co-director Geoffrey "Hot Tooth" Wade shine in this offbeat approach to promoting the play.  And the show's befuddled cast are along for the ride.

Too much fun!

So, SoCal-ers... go see another fine Anteus production weekends May 16-July 7 (see info here) from Armin and Kitty and et al's troupe, L.A.'s classical theatre company. It's not the first time we've told you about Antaeus ... or that they have stooped to such tomfoolery for attention! (And look for a cameo of wife Kitty in the tag!)

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