Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Into Darkness: The Story So Far ....

Or, make that: "the reviews so far."

Many of you know that I have commented on STID only once ... a non-spoiler observation on the Uhura/McCoy marketing shift a week ago ... and yet I saw a screening of it waaay last Wednesday at Paramount.

However, as those who are close Tweetsy followers of mine or Facebookers of Trekland know, I have made a few side comments as well.

I'm going to see STID a second time tonight just to keep ruminating on it before I comment ... So I wanted to recap for everyone my thoughts that have slipped out on all fronts, before it gets any later and it's too hard to claim them (again, all non-spoilers):

—This sucker will sell a TON of tickets. More than ST09.

—Maybe even more OVERSEAS than '09 did, hopefully. (Mexico is up 300% over 2009).

—Because—and this is hardly any amazing insight on my part to say so (ie, see Paramount quotees)—the global market is driving a lot of what this film is. As it is with all flicks in the "studio blockbuster" category these days, or even the wanna-be blockbusters.

—Which is why I tweeted: "Even more reason to have a Trek TV series back on again. No foreign masters." As in the kind that drive box-office profits.

—My first sum thoughts after the first screening: "Well, THAT was a really long way to go to keep a franchise viable."

But again—I want to take a second measure before I say any more. Its not like you can't be drowned in STID commentary everywhere already, and it's not all even still spoiler-free (ie, check out any Facebook page now from around the world, even if legit reviewers are still honoring the US debut before dishing in detail.)

A U.S. opening day which, by the way, is now officially THURSDAY—a day earlier than long heralded.

Overall ...With the ALT timeline of the JJverse, I tend to take the big picture and the long view in a lot of my feelings and observations on the new movie series... and its fans, yea and nay.  In fact, I also know that I'm not the target audience here (but I might get sneaked in the back door when no one's looking). After all, what can you say? Short of comment on Mr. and Mrs. Chekov's revised birthing frequency, or wonder why Captain Pike didn't usually have his bridge crew scan in multi-layer smart graphic mode.

So, stay tuned.

And if you want something worthwhile to spend the time in line with Thursday or Friday at your local cinema ... why not get the the single source of all your essential Into Darkness info? Even my regualr column is in there. Choose either the dead-tree version, or download it to your PADD or other interface.

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