Thursday, May 16, 2013

NPR and me, etc: It's that mainstream media Trek again

UPDATE: You can catch the aired 20-minute NPR segment here ..... and the Voice of Russia "Prism" show here.

FLASH: I'll be on LIVE and in-studio Friday with SoCal NPR's KPCC and AirTalk host Larry Madden— 11:40 am PDT until the end of the show. If you aren't local, the station streams online, too.

Rumor has it we'll be talking about that Star Track thang—past, present and on down the road.

Which brings up the topic of the Mainstream Media —because, in case you hadn't noticed, we're tunic-deep in that special time again when they (or at least the closet-Trekfan hosts and producers sprinkled among them) can safely talk Star Trek beyond the latest science breakthrough or second-degree Trekland obituary.

I've been hit up by a number of media outlets to gab on about Gene's sandbox and JJ's corner of it, thanks to the media blitz of the Into Darkness premiere and hoopla. Aside from KPCC, I've also spoken with the Voice of Russia and Prism host Andrew Hiller in Washington, D.C. for a brief segment on his show online Friday and can be heard at that link.

So far, the print media has grabbed me for a bit in the Miami Herald already in a Sunday piece by Rene Rodriguez (left).... and there's more outlets out there who haven't sent me links yet—but I'll share them, in the next day or two... a couple from around the globe. It's all about everyone wanting opinions and context about THIS movie for the layman, and how it fits into the big 50-year Trek tableau. And, as we stay out of a time of active "aired" production, it's what we have to bite into.

It's a big-picture I continue to stay interested in, since there's so much "daily shiney" out there already to steal our attention elsewhere—a big picture I have written about already for years. Me love the canon details, yup ... but the long-view eddies and floes are good to keep in mind as well. It's fun to use the mainstream medial channels for that.

Plus, you never know just what mundane corner will yield up the next anal canonista or bigtime fan of Captain Proton, right?

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