Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catch the captains' solo acts on EPIX tonight—and win a poster from Trekland, too!

If you bought your tickets for Into Darkness for opening day Friday and then they moved the
debut up on you to today, don't despair: You can still celebrate "STID Eve" in your universe in a very Trekkish way AND do it for free. AND even win a poster from TREKLAND!

Or, go crash a screening any time—you've got two weeks on this deal:

From EPIX and the team that brought you William Shatner's Get a Life and The Captains documentaries, you can catch five new BONUS specials on the net: a special one-hour solo spotlight on each of Trek's five center-seaters starting at 8 p.m. ET tonight....and online for those unable to see EPIX.

The exclusive EPIX "The Captains Close-Up" series features more of those interviews conducted by Shatner with his Starfleet colleagues Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Stewart, and Scott Bakula. And the special series kicks off with a close-up interview with Shatner himself.

You can even get a free limited-edition full-size poster from The Captains (above), perfect for autographing at the next big con or two (or three) you make it to. EPIX is supplying me with 10 of these lovelies to give away to the first TEN Treklanders in the U.S. who sign up at and answer this trivia question correctly:

All of Star Trek's five lead captains are fictitiously said to have been born in the onetime United States of America ... except who?

Just hit the newsletter signup link, fill it out for name and email—but add your trivia guess (a lead captain's last name) and your full mail address after your first name in that "first name " text field. Do it quick! The first 10 correct U.S. answers win their sender a poster shipped directly from EPIX; lack of a mail address prohibits receipt of your prize. In any case, the quiz offer closes at 9 P.M. PDT / 12 AM EDT on TUESDAY, May 21. Good luck!

Meanwhile, if you can't access EPIX on your cable or dish system, all the new "solo" films are available on and can be watched via a limited free trial link.

After accessing that link, here's the direct page for each captain's spotlight:

The Captains Close Up: William Shatner

The Captains Close Up: Avery Brooks

The Captains Close Up: Kate Mulgrew

The Captains Close Up: Patrick Stewart

The Captains Close Up: Scott Bakula

At any time, the entire original The Captains as produced and directed by Shatner remains on view at with no limits. It is not part of tonight's special lineup, though.

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