Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More podcasts to sample—and why not do it with me!?

As promised in a recent initial spate of these—I wanted to share two more excellent and unique Trek podcast series that had me on recently. And if you haven't tried downloading podcasts as a way to expand your Trek enjoyment and edification—what's your excuse? Time to start now....

...Especially as I have been making a conscious effort lately NOT to take on more than five sentences at a time. Yes, really. So see how I did:

First off, an always fun time was had by all with a revisit to the G & T Show—mine being a special Supplemental Log a weekend ago.  Yep, Terry, Nick, Mike and I talked about all my "stuff"—led by Star Trek Stellar Cartography, adventures in gap-filling and canon clampdown over the years... and playing Bones again for ST Continues— plus all the jawboning about Trek overall lately. Thanks again, guys! Too kind. Too much personality of the old-school radio talk variety. (And that's a compliment).

On the other hand, I was also marooned on an epsiode of Desert Island Trek where I had to divulge my own five across-the-board Trek episodes that I had to have if stranded forever without further contact on Episode 65 of Trek Mate's Ten Forward show, with hosts Sina, Chris and Matt. Do any of my picks surprise you? Half of them you likely know, if you read these lines and soundings often enough—but a couple may surprise, including my Voyager pick. Plus, the trio grill me on just what my take is on Trek's longterm popularity, and how that stacks up against all the current hullabaloo. And yes, we hit up STSC and my other stuff of late—including a sneak peek about the Trekland Trunk (What that, you say? Stay tuned ...)

Sunday G&T and TenForward—two more great podcasts you ought to be listening to.

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Erika said...

I will definitely check the podcasts out!