Monday, October 14, 2013

Trek collectors, buffs: come peek in the Trekland Trunk

Are you a collector who loves the nuts-and-bolts of Star Trek's modern TV era? Well, listen up.

A lot of my Trek archives are pretty bulky, and now can be easily digitized. I care about the information, not the collectible value. I'd like to find good homes for it all. Major Trek auctions are far less common than they used to be. And most of all, I detest feeling like a huckster.

And so, voila—welcome to The Trekland Trunk. It's really just a Facebook page—go there right now and "Like" it!

It's one reason why I've been so distracted since the summer cons—and so quiet the last few weeks when there's been plenty to talk about.

Very simply, The Trunk is a new Facebook page of mine for any Trekfans interested in owning rare draft scripts, set plans, call sheets, paper graphics, memos, and occasionally some 3-D props or even an autograph or the odd commercial item. It's simply a notification alert system: "Like" the page, and YOU will hear when I have something new up on eBay—or even, collecting names for a small-scale auction in a private group message thread, if we can get it to work. Follow the Twitter account for @treklandtrunk for the same reason, same parameters.

I won't post these on my personal page or even my regular Trekland page—I hate being the barker, and hawking things even some Trekfans may not care about. THE TREKLAND TRUNK will be the only place where we'll list the notice and link. Just a handful of items every week or two.

So if you are a collector, or even a writer or a super fan of a particular series or even episode—these kinds of Trek collectibles and their insights may be right up your alley. If not, no one will bug you about it anywhere else.

No extra fees, no promise to buy, no being peppered with FOR SALE ads unless you WANT them... not even a thumbprint on Quark's Ferengi PADD. No muss, no fuss.

It's just 3T.

So "Join" the page list and jump in when the first items go up in the next week.

Deal? Deal.

And thanks again to my old bud and graphic artist extraordinaire, Kevin Hopkins.

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