Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Look out, Seattle: We're back for Emerald City Comic-Con!

Can it be another year already?

I'm looking forward to meeting all our familiar Seattle peeps this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, and hopefully a few new ones!

The con has been a sell-out for months, but I've just been quiet about my part in it all—until now.  No table for me this year, but there's two panels—and we'll do a "Con of Wrath" crowdfunding meetup, of course, where I'll have a few goodies like "Stellar Cartography."

Unique to this urban con, our meetup will actually be a kind of "dead dog party"* for Trekfans, just after the show closes on Sunday...an excuse for the locals to linger longer nearby in your ECCC ecstasy. I realize we lose any travelers that way, but people seem to prefer "Sunday-afters" to a hectic Saturday night meetup—and our friendly fellow patrons at the Six Arms are sure easier to talk over!

If you can come, please "Join" the Facebook Event page; if you can't make it, please share and tweet the word, would you?

So here's where I'll be, for sure:
2 pm, Room 3AB: Larry Nemecek's Trekland—our annual but updated "slideshow" of news and in-jokes.

3 pm, Room 3AB: Star Trek: The State of the Franchise—Our patented forum and cross-talk where you, me and the other guy get it all of our chest—or ask the interesting questions. Hopefully we can open your mind to some new ways of seeing the current ... fallow times.

5:30-7:30 pm: And yes our THIRD annual Seattle post-con CON OF WRATH crowdfunder meet-up—again at Six Arms upstairs loft, just 3 blocks up the street from the convention center at 300 E. Pike Street. As usual, you pitch in $20 to help The Con of Wrath move along with a screen credit and enjoy our rare clips, new peeks, some prize trivia—and each other! Now with Star Trek Continues awesome as well. You can "Join" the Facebook Event page here and really help me out with planning, since I do these on the fly.
Of course, if you catch me roaming around ECCC any other time...please let me go, eventually.

*And please don't tell me this is now an un-PC term. It's too old-school con fandom to let go now!

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