Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy birthday, Grace Lee! Remember 1979?

A very special shout-out of birthday greetings today to the one and only Grace Lee Whitney, and the incredibly heroic life and career she's had many times over.

So, how about a Throwback "Tuesday" to celebrate? Here's the cover to her 45 rpm she had at Tex-Con 1979, Dallas (right).... and to my knowledge, this pic (below) and its set have never been published anywhere before—from that same con, just after she helped judge the costume contest and tried to console an entrant who lost out to the fad Rocky Horror skin-baring babes:

 Don't forget that Rand got into the officer corps and rose to commander's rank, at least, with Captain Sulu's Excelsior crew. And Grace, of course, is still chatting with fans just now coming to Star Trek at the Vegas Khaaaan and others when she can.

Do you have a fave Rand moment on the screen—or a Grace Lee memory from real life to share?

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Porfle Popnecker said...

I have that record too! I met Grace at a small Houston con probably the same year as you. She was wearing a long waist-length blonde wig. There was a full-sized shuttlecraft mockup that we had our picture taken in but the negative was lost in the lab. She was very nice.