Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yes, we ARE at Wondercon/Anaheim…and the Crowdfunder Meetup, too

Blame it on…well, me: A miscue about calendar dates led me to think I was doomed to miss WonderCon 2014, and so ignored submitting panel ideas this year. Too late, I realized my April indeed had room for all … but too late: So, I'll be missing out having a Trekland audience there for the first time since 2011. 

Still, never fear: you can still come have a set-to with me as I have a mini-table spot at the big New Starship/Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration area at Booth 1253, the non-profit whose board I sit on—and is about to expand in scope. Come get your photo op again this year at the large booth island, with a very different surprise background set-up this year—free again!—and Huston Huddleston there by Saturday afternoon, after a split weekend at Salt Lake City Comic-Con ..... AND while there check out what Trekland goodies I have on hand: maps, books, photos. Fellow boardmember Rick Sternbach will be tabling next to me there, too.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of WC Trekland sidebars: my buddy E.J. de la Pena has an exhibit for his DEFIANCE movie at Booth 1227 … while doctors Drea Letamendi and Ali Mattu, who led the Trek v. SWars Psychology panel I sat on last year (left), have the third incarnation with Chase Masterson on the Trek side this time—at 7:30-8:30 p.m. Saturday in Room 213.

In fact, I'll be there to support them in the crowd, and afterward will be happy to Pied Piper the Trek folk over to the adjacent Sheraton Anaheim for our next Con of Wrath crowdfunder meetup "Dr. Trek" Show ...roughed-out in the back of the huge main lobby near the shoeshine stand (where we gatehred last year, as at right). Here's the Facebook Event page—"Join" it if you can, or just tell me table-side... or come by.

And please share: We need to get the word out for Saturday night!

(Next stop: A new landing, in Detroit)

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