Friday, May 9, 2014

My thanks: The Trekland Trunk has been open six months!

With everything else going on at such a crazed pace this year, I realized today I needed to stop and say something.


It's been about six months since I first opened the Trekland Trunk for my mostly studio archival pieces... and for something that is supposed to be so cut-and-dried simple, I just wanted to say thanks to all who have bid or bought a piece. Unfortunately for me, I think everyone has found things to wind up being pretty affordable!

Actually, I was never one who enjoyed the whole huckster vibe, as I proclaimed when I started this ... and so, set up the Facebook page and Twitter lists... not random posts and emails, ack... as the way to let those interested (and only them) know. Forgive me for when I sometimes try to cast a wider net, but if I do so it's for good reason.

It's not a page for the hard-core collectors—almost no big-ticket items. In fact, I think it's more for fans of a given show, or character, or ship... who'd like a really unique or rare  memento of their passion when one pops up .... than about collecting for it's own sake.

So, given that, the response has been gratifying — and especially from those of you who are able to come back as regulars. And a special shout-out to those various "aliens" who chime in on our weekly "local" non-Ebay sessions on Facebook group message thread. I'm just glad to see things get a good home...even if it is to a Breen, Borg, Ferengi or what-have-you.

Right now, in this calm between April and June-July con madness when the Trunk had gotten bare, I'll be restocking with more of the pieces and trying to keep the variety up as well. Right now, there's FIVE items up —the most since the holidays.

There's plenty more to go—and, shock the Prophets, there's even a STAR WARS studio gift up! With a couple more fun and old things of theirs coming soon.

But no worries—I work in Trekland, and that's where the Trunk's heart will stay.  If you are new to this realm, why not go Like the Facebook page to keep up, or follow the Twitter? And, of course, share with your buds who might be interested.

I've still got the info and/or pics archived, believe me... but the real stuff taking up space is now out and in good homes.  Thanks again for being good adopters!

Or—maybe it's time for that first visit? C'mon, take a peek ... :-)

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