Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back to BayouCon!—and SoonerCon right behind

For some reason they just love them some Trekland in small-but-growing BayouCon in southwest Louisiana—so I'll see all my Cajun friends there again this weekend for Year Number 5, right?

Although it is on the smaller end of the con scale, I always have a great time with the fan-folks and food of "Contraband Country," and hope everyone makes it out. Who knows, maybe another junior blogger will be on hand to pick up a new headline-grabbing non-tidfbit?

It's a jammed weekend as you can see here, and I don't arrive until just as it all opens, so here's what's what for just me:

@ 8:45, Film Festival : I'll do a mini-Q&A at the end of screening Star Trek Continues Ep. 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity"

4 pm, Main Stage: "Trekland: Between the Cracks": My old favorite venue for the latest visual springboards to news, in-jokes, throwbacks and topic-starters. And, of course,  constantly updated with the most in "What kind of world we live in" from the Trekland perspective: have you realized what's really going on these days?

@7:40 pm, Film Festival: Post-screening Q&A after 7pm showing of Star Trek Continues' Ep. 3, "Fairest of Them All"—This is the one JUST OUT…from the mirror universe. Proud to be consulting and on hand for this one.

8-10 pm, Film Festival: The latest CON OF WRATH crowdfunder-meetup "Dr. Trek Show"; as usual, it's a pitch-in $20 for a screen credit, plus a shot at prize trivia, rare Trek clips and sneak peeks from the doc.

12 noon, Main Stage: Our "State of the Trek" Open forum on what's up with the biz and the fandom of Trek. Prepare to have your perspective stretched by me as well as fellow fans.

And there you go, Cajuns. I hear there's a new recipe of jambalaya comin' backstage … 

Meanwhile, NEXT weekend, Red Dirt Staters:

I'll focus on it more in a day or two, but the schedule for SoonerCon 23 is already up for next weekend back in Oklahoma City,or, actually, suburban Midwest City—which doubles as my annual entree to a visit "back home." All our Trekland fun is on tap there too—including a Con of Wrath "Dr. Trek" crowdfunder meetup, of course—plus it's the added bonus of being back among my peeps. And this year with mon capitan Vic Mignogna on site, too—assuming he survives his Aussie sojourn!  

One-day or full SCon membership passes in all forms are still available—online, mail, other locations, and at the door!

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