Thursday, June 19, 2014

TODAY: Latest in's doc series on ST Continues

Have you seen these? A crew from was on-site last March to film a zillion sit-downs of Star Trek Continues cast and crew and behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. ...all for a five-part online doc series  they are now posting almost daily. Some of me is in those digital film "cans" as well; they certainly shot enough folks and footage.

Parts 1 and 2 were released last weekend on the eve of the online premier date for "Fairest of Them All," the "Mirror, Mirror" follow-on sequel that is getting rave reviews.

With series like this as proof of its appeal and quality, I have no problem with promoting and staying in the think tank for STC, with an eye down the road for even more creative playing in the Trek TOS sandbox.

And now, Part 3 is up in the Wired series, just today! It's a tour by Vic of the incredible 1701 sets in Georgia, co-built and shared by Continues and Farragut Films.

SO—what do you think? IS the bridge your favorite--or are you in the minority?

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