Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trekland at Comic-Con San Diego: fast and furious edition

Considering this IS Thursday already of my two-day #SDCC visit cut short by the LA2Vegas Trek Tour start on Saturday back in LA.... here it is: Short and sweet!

My stuff--in the strictest sense:

2:30-6 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

2:30-7 pm—Autograph Alley signing, Sails Pavilion

8-9 pm—Room 28DE: State of the Trek fan forum, where we all can learn from each other.  (Click on that link to give me a head count, if you are plannign to come.)

But, in this very tight two weeks—that's it.

Note that we are NOT having a Dr. Trek fundraiser this year for "The Con of Wrath:" I'm simply too pressed for time to put my shoulder into it this year, as it needs to be done, so I'll catch you hard-cores Saturday night in Vegas!

Still, there's a slew of Trek related programming and vets going on here too—the most in ages. I'm looking forward to seeing my old boss Dan Madsen, who's running the Her Universe fashion show tonight for Ashley Eckstein. Some of my good Trekland buds doing panels and such on the list here I'm going to have to miss by leaving "early," or even via overlaps (I'm looking at you, my new Nobility castmates), but that the way the tourbus tumbles.

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