Sunday, July 20, 2014

VEGAS ALERT: See "The Green Girl" bio-documentary, but get tix now!

UPDATE: Wow, folks—you did it! With an hour to go, the 66-seat threshold was met. Now, there's still 30 more seats available, so don;t wait til Thursday of STLV: if you want to go, reserve it now at the same site.

Yes, I was proud to be part of this wonderful documentary "The Green Girl," about studio rebel, glass-ceiling-breaker and go-to guest star Susan "Vina" Oliver. But as an indie film, it's been hard to see on a big screen--until now: Director George Pappy Jr. has a chance to show it very near the Rio during Vegas Trek weekend!

But you have to act fast to make it happen—by THIS Monday night, July 21.

George has an IMAX showing set up a long block away from the Rio at 9-11 pm Thursday, July 31—but to make it work, the house needs to clear 66 tickets at the GATHR system online on-demand website. Go here to get your tickets now and help make sure it "makes." (Your card is not even charged until the quota is hit, and it is "for sure" happening.)

At the time I write this, the showing still needs 28 tickets sold—but surely out of the thousands pouring into the Rio for the Khhaaaann, a few dozen fans have no Thursday night plans and would love to see a rare big-screen treat about this woman we know so well, and yet so little.  A panel and giveaways, too! And once the minimum 66 sell, there will be more seats.

Best of all, no fears: Like me, you can attend this 9 p.m. event and STILL make the midnight free screening and post-panel for Star Trek Continues' "Fairest Of Them All" at the AMC Town Square 18 on the Strip.

I was pleased to join a near-full house for "The Green Girl" premiere and panel in Hollywood last spring (at left); and since then, there's been just one Gathr screening set: July 29 in L.A.—so this is indeed a rare treat as the film is just starting to get known. (I'm sure George would love to have you Like the Facebook page as well.)

Here's the invite George wrote on the Unofficial Vegas Trek Facebook page:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and invite you (if you’re in Vegas Thursday night, July 31) to stroll one block down from the Kahn to see my documentary about Susan Oliver (who you’ll all remember as Vina from “The Cage”/”The Menagerie.” Her Orion Slave Girl remains one of TOS’s enduring icons even 50 years after her original work on the pilot. Sadly for Susan, she died quite young and missed out on the modern convention era, so she never really got the chance to connect with all her fans like so many others continue to do even today.

This film has been a 3-year labor of love and tells the remarkable story of one of the most prolific actresses of her era, an accomplished female pilot (one of the first to ever fly the Lear Jet), and one of only a handful of women who directed television in the early 1980’s (including a M*A*S*H).

We’ve been lucky enough to get this chance to show you the movie at the IMAX just one block from the Rio on Thursday, July 31 at 9pm. I hope to have Larry Nemecek and Celeste "Yeoman MArtha Landon" Yarnall (who are both in the movie) there with me to do a Q&A afterwards, and we’ll be giving away some free Green Girl T-shirts and copies of the DVD (which is making its first public appearance at the convention).

The IMAX will only hold the theater for this screening if we can get at least 60 more fans to reserve their seats by July 21 (I know, that’s really soon!). We really hope you can come and that you’ll help us make sure the screening happens – Susan Oliver’s amazing story deserves to be seen and shared (so please tell all your friends, too)!

You can reserve your seats (AND see the movie’s trailer) here:

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