Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brit-bound—Hello Destination: Star Trek London!

It's been 12 years in the making… but we're finally back in Londontown, U.K. 

And the third Destination: Star Trek show this weekend at the Excel Center is a big splash to have as a comeback event: 20 to 30 thousand hungry Brits—and all manner continentals. 

Including all those over-the-pond colleagues at the old Fact Files, and at Titan Magazines since 1996, that I've left so many IOUs for lifting a pint with over the years.  Can't wait to finally see them...

Not to mention the overdue meeting with so many great fans directly who have written to my Fistful of Data column and other writings in the official UK-turned-all Trek mag over that span.  Or those who have have found us via our Trekland CDs, podcast appearances, Star Trek Continues—and of course, the good ol' TNG Companion

What's more, we've arranged with Titan and Forbidden Planet stores to have 30 fresh in-country copies of Stellar Cartography on hand for sale and signing.

I can't wait to sample UK Fan opinions in our Trek forum format …and well, party in general. Sadly, the show is so massive, with so many guests, there's even more overlap conflict than Vegas/STLV … and yet, I know we'll get a lot of interaction. Sad to say, but I even hope sometime over the weekend I get a chance to actually catch up with some on-camera Treklanders that I missed in Vegas! 

We'll also have a "Dr. Trek" Crowdfunder party for "The Con of Wrath" Saturday night @ 11 pm-1 am…stay tuned.

Here's my own schedule—this is an update over even the titles and detail posted at the DST site.  I'm be at my table much of the rest of the time. Also, note I'm going to a judge at two of the quick costume contests as well:


1430-1515:  Stage C: "Backstage at the NX-01": Q &A with Enterprise extra Jim Morehouse.

1900-2030: Stage A: Opening Ceremonies


1345-14:30: Stage C: Costume Contest judging

1545-1630:  Stage C: "Trekland: Between the Cracks":  Yes, a it's a special Brit edition of our regular ribald traipsing through Trek headlines and my archives .

2300-0100: Crazy me! Doing a "Dr. Trek" crowdfunder meetup benefit for The Con of Wrath—site TBA but don't be surprised where it winds up...


1400-1430: Stage C: Costume Contest judging

1645-1730:  Stage C: "The State of the Trek":  My fan forum, where I offer some food for thought and you offer fellow fans your opines and feedback.

I'm hanging on for an extra day to continue my overdue meet-ups.


khitomer said...

Make sure you visit the USS Riker's Beard (Ibis Style, Excel) located just outside the entrance . A custom built copy of the TNG bridge plus lots more!

Larry Nemecek said...

Haha--just saw this! Thanks after the fact!