Friday, September 26, 2014

Call in LIVE Sunday: We're on Question Reality radio

As this whirlwind summer dies down, this is a hoot:

Catch me live on an online radio show THIS Sunday night and call in... Priscilla Leona' s "Question Reality"—5-6 p.m. Pacific/ 8-9 p.m. Eastern on LA Talk Radio's Channel 1.

That includes YOU, you UK-ers getting ready for Destination: Star Trek London.

I love the feel of live radio, and call-in is so much more immediate than even chat rooms. You LISTEN at the LA Talk Radio Channel 1 site, but the number is (323) 203-0815 when calls are taken at the bottom of the hour—5:30-5:45 PT, and so on.

I ran into host Priscilla at the recent Burbank International Film Festival—where Star Trek Continues won for "Best New Media, Drama, Short"—and she practically grabbed me to come on her show. Being so close, I had to go over and do it live, of course.

Please listen in and razz me —we'll be talking about my projects, our recent Con of Wrath  shoot, Enterprise in Space, and of course the latest rumors in Trekland.

By the way, here's two recent podcast appearances of note: 

I was just on's Commentary Trek Stars Ep. 99, during their Robert Wise career series, to talk about the fan intangibles around The Motion Picture—the stuff that does not survives on a disk or a box.  Max and Mke were their usual inquisitive and acquiescent selves!

Plus, I was just invited on an actual experimental podcast with visuals, Star Trek Greece, co-hosted by my friend Dimitri from our 2010 trip to Terraformers II in Sounion. It's a bit long, posyed on YouTube and simple on graphics—but those Greeks, they love to indulge. And list the sidebar links!


Dimitris said...

It was our pleasure having you, Larry! Thank you for your nice words. :)

Would love to catch the show live on Sunday, but il will be 5 in the morning here... I'll listen to the recording though -- it will be recorded, won't be just live, right?

Dimitris said...

Wow, I confused Pacific with Eastern time! Got the last 10 minutes live and listened to the rest of it from the recording afterwards. Great interview, Larry! :)