Friday, December 19, 2014

Last two days! Gift my deep-dive Trek audio awesome

If you have a hardcore Trekfan on your gift list who's seen and heard it all, I'd humbly remind you of a great idea: my "On Speaker" CDs of remastered Trek creators' voices from back in the day, each annual edition keyed to a theme. You can see all about the latest here, with Ira, Ron, Dan, Gary, Brannon, Rick and Michael.

BUT MAIL NOTE: If you want it where you need it for US delivery by Christmas Eve, I need the order by NOON PST this SATURDAY, DEC. 20. (I'll ship from SoCal, obviously, and if your addressee is west of the Rockies, that deadline could stretch til noon Monday, Dec. 22. )

We still have our two-fer discount: buy both available Trekland: On Speaker CD editions—Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 (left), with interviews from back THEN from the makers of TNG's finale on its 20th anniversary, and DS9's on its 15th. If, as gifts, you want two 2's or two 3's, check the two-fer box and then leave me a BIG NOTE as to what you want. And happy to sign them for gifts, as you'd wish.

(Vol. 1 is still destined for downloading on iTunes, et al. Thanks as always to Chris Jones of the network for the incredible remaster and graphics job, too.)

FYI, we're having one more go through Sunday of some of my archival items from The Trekland Trunk (get notified via on Facebook or Twitter) in time for Christmas, and one more Sunday four-hour Facebook "live bid" at 11 a.m. PT— barely in time for U.S. arrivals on Christmas Eve Wednesday, if that's a concern. Just check the Facebook...
Even wihtout bidding, please stop by and check out the wonder of all that is odd and beautiful from the  in-studio and behind-the-scenes world of Trekland, like the Voyager cast's S2 1995 Christmas gift blanket... or the DS9 mill's 1994 S3 company-wide gift.

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