Thursday, December 18, 2014

Come vote! The Enterprise in Space design poll ends Dec. 21

Hey: It's another update for Enterprise in Space—a quick one...

THIS is the week everyone and anyone can vote for their favorite among the 18 designs submitted in the non-profit orbiter's design contest (at right). The winning NSS Enterprise design will have be made spaceworthy—especially for re-entry—but founder Shawn Case and the team intend to push the artistic envelope before the engineering realities have to kick in, as they will—and fit our "sci-fi to sci-fact" theme.

But hurry and go now: Voting closes at midnight UTC, NEXT Sunday, Dec. 21! (That's 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST). The cut-off was just extended two days.

And say—you don't even have to be one of our "$20 virtual crewmember" donors to vote. The winning design will have to be made spaceworthy, of course, but we want the design to have a distinctive aesthetic we can utilize as much as possible.

Here's a video about voting to get you in the mood!

Look, I'm the promotion spokesperson for EIS, as I've been excited to say before. I've talked about some of the details there, but the most audacious part of this is not so much the "rocket science" required but the bold concept that enough Trek and sci-fi futurists around the world want to honor our future's brightest minds and ideas in the name... of Enterprise. A REAL one. And this design contest is just another way that grassroots nature for EIS is being put on display. It's one of teh reasons the project was appealing to the National Space Society to sponsor.

So: THIS WEEK, please go help us make a choice! The public voting will be followed by a five-judge panel of space and sci-fi notables, and the winner and finalists announced on Jan. 21 (full info here).
Of course, with one week to go til Christmas and names still on your quickie-gift list, please consider this option for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts at work or church, or easy mailers to distant relatives...complete with a holiday theme on their crew certificate.

And as always, please share the vote and the whole shebang—on or off Facebook or Twitter.

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